The candy

What looks like a gigantic sweet is actually a dragging kettle with a special lacquer. This is an anti-drumming agent for damping structure-borne sound or sound insulation of drums. Depending on the "thickness", approx. 10dB should be reduced. The "sound insulation" is mainly used for "boilers" for hard coating, as the sound level is relatively high here.

Employee of the month

We introduce! Our new employee in the human resources department. Marley Gabler is a young up-and-coming talent in the HR department. With her engaging manner she creates a balanced working atmosphere. She provides distraction and keeps an eye on things. She has already been used successfully in conflict resolution. 

Women's power

We are proud to have so many women in our team! For a company with a strong technical focus, it is not a matter of course that female colleagues are positioned in all areas. With one third of the workforce, we are leading the way and showing how women can also combine work and family life. We rely on a colorful mix and different perspectives. ...